Tuesday 12 November 2019

Love/Hate: Nadine and Aido comic scenes would make a great spin-off, says Lynn

Lynn Rafferty who plays Nadine on Love/Hate
Lynn Rafferty who plays Nadine on Love/Hate
Actors Mark Dunne and Lynn Rafferty shooting a nightclub scene
Lynn Rafferty
Aoibhinn McGinnity and Lynn Rafferty

Love/Hate's Lynn Rafferty has revealed that filming the witty scenes with her on-screen lover Aido was great fun.

Lynn played Nadine in the top gangland drama and admits that she loved the comedic chemistry between the two characters.

"We had to get the laughter out of the way initially when we were filming because you don't have much time," she told the Herald.

"The schedule is so tight and there's a whole crew and you can't just be like 'oh sorry I've the giggles' - it's a job but when everyone read the script we knew it was going to be funny. There's just some kind of comedic chemistry there - from the minute we filmed together we had great timing and Mark [Dunne] was just so easy to work with.

"It was really funny and I just think it's a real Dublin couple kind of scene, just snapping at each other," she added.

Fans were loving the pair's quips to each other in the series five finale even comparing them to bickering couple John and Mary from Father Ted.

And Lynn says she wouldn't say no a Nadine and Aido spin-off show.

"It's nice to hear that people enjoy watching you. I think a spin-off would be hilarious. I love working with Mark so it's great to hear that people want to still watch it - it's a compliment."

The Dublin native also enjoyed having a bigger role in series five - including having an affair with Garda informant Scotty.

She said she relished her expanded role in the fifth season.

"The more of a story you have, the more you get to know your character and I got to see two sides to her as well which was good. She just kind of gets more brutal and selfish as well so it was great. I really enjoyed filming this season."

But like the rest of the country, Lynn is waiting to hear if there will be a sixth series of the top-rated drama.

"No one knows what's going to happen and it's the beauty and the magic of TV and especially with this show, you really don't know. We all have our fingers crossed but I know as much as everyone else does. It's the same every year - you just have to enjoy every minute of it and hope that the audience does too," she added.


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