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Love/Hate actor ‘not gunman’s intended target’

The intended target of an incident in which Love/Hate star Leroy Harris was shot yesterday morning is a young man facing heroin dealing charges, the

Gardai are working on the theory that the man who knows Harris (20) was the target in the botched assassination attempt in which two shots were fired.


Senior sources say that Harris’ friend owes a “significant drugs debt” and is facing charges in relation to a major heroin seizure in Dublin.

“Gardai do not believe that those shots were meant for Mr Harris - the intended target is well-known to gardai in relation to drugs crime and that is the focus of the investigation now,” said a source.

“There is nothing to indicate that Mr Harris is under any kind of threat from a criminal gang, but a young man known to him is suspected of being a very prominent street dealer.”

Harris was released from hospital yesterday morning, and detectives hope to speak to him about the incident today as he recovers from minor injuries to his leg.

Harris, who made his name in the fourth series of Love/Hate when his character was in a scene where a cat was shot dead, was hit in the leg as he walked with a pal near Rutland Cottages at 3.40am. He was rushed to the Mater Hospital where he is expected to make a full recovery. A man who was walking with him was unharmed in the incident.

In March, Harris was given a chance to avoid a criminal conviction and a possible sentence for dealing cannabis.


He was searched in a premises by gardai after being spotted putting a suspected drugs package down his trousers. He was ordered to carry out a series of tasks as part of restorative justice programme.

He pleaded guilty earlier to unlawful possession of cannabis worth €100, and having the drug for the purpose of sale or supply at Sheriff Street last October 14. The young actor had been caught with two packets of cannabis.