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Louis was set up

LOUIS Walsh’s accuser has sensationally admitted telling lies.

Now fully cleared of the fabricated assault, a relieved Louis told the Herald his “nightmare” was over. The allegations against Louis were totally made up and the accuser has admitted this to gardai.

“It’s fantastic, I’m just so relieved I’ve been vindicated,” he said. “I heard last night about it and I’m delighted. It’s such a relief to have it all over.”

The accuser last night admitted to gardai he had fabricated the claims against the X-Factor judge.

The 24-year-old father-of-three from Co Meath is now likely to be charged with a number of offences including wasting police time.

Louis today told the Herald: “It's great to get back to work and get back to normal. This has been like a nightmare.

“I always said I was innocent and now I’ve been cleared, I just want to put it all behind me. It’s been so awful for myself and my family.”

Louis was vindicated after detectives discovered that claims he indecently assaulted a man at a nightclub are completely false.

The extraordinary development occurred late last night when Walsh's accuser broke down and admitted that he was not groped in a toilet by Walsh at acelebrity hangout Krystle.

A source explained: “Louis Walsh is in the clea. He has absolutely no case to answer. The same cannot be said of the individual who lied to gardai about what happened.”

It is now expected that Louis' accuser, who comes from Navan, Co Meath, will be arrested and charged with making a false statement to gardai – an offence that carries a maximum sentence of five years in jail.

The Herald can reveal that in the latest version of events the man told to gardai, he claims he was indecently assaulted in Krystle nightclub on April 10 but that Louis Walsh was not responsible.

A source close to the investigation described how gardai became suspicious when the accuser’s story began to change.


“This man stuck to his story steadfastly for days but cracks began to appear in it.

“He finally cracked at 10pm last night while being questioned at his home in Co Meath.”

Louis is due to judge X-Factor auditions in Cardiff today in his first public appearance since the shocking allegations came to light last week.

Gardai are now probing whether his accuser invented the allegations in an attempt to sell his story.

The man behind the explosive sex assault claims was previously accused of attacking a woman.

The charges were struck out but he was found guilty of breaching a barring order and got 120 hours of community service in lieu of four months in jail last June.

The man told gardai that he was indecently assaulted in the a toilet in Krystle nightclub in the Russell Court Hotel on Harcourt Street at around 3am on Sunday, April 10.

He told officers that he was in a cubicle in the toilet when the alleged incident took place.

It is understood that Mr Walsh and the man had been talking earlier in a bar in the hotel before Mr Walsh went to Krystle after attending a Westlife concert at the O2.

Mr Walsh met detectives on Friday at the Four Seasons Hotel in Dublin's Ballsbridge where he gave officers a full account of his activities and movements in the early hours of April 10.

The meeting took place in the presence of Mr Walsh's legal team and he denied the allegation against him.

The man originally told gardai that he went to the toilets in Krystle when Walsh appeared behind him and allegedly molested him.

He left the nightclub and then, on the street outside, the man reported the alleged incident to a uniformed garda patrolling the area.

The man then went to the Mater Hospital where he was examined for evidence of a sexual assault. Staff at the hospital reported the complaint to gardai. The complaint was taken by Pearse Street Garda station. The man made a formal statement to detectives there.

It is understood that gardai are now in the process of preparing a file for the DPP with a view to charging the man under section 12(a) of the Criminal Law Act 1976 - which is the offence of making a false statement to gardai.

A source pointed out: “Making a false statement – especially in relation to any kind of sexual matter – is a very grave offence.

“The anguish caused for the victim and the waste of Garda resources really make this a very serious issue.”