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Louis cracks the whip with Hometown after X-Factor exit


Louis Walsh with his new boy band Hometown. 19/3/2015
Louis Walsh with his new boy band Hometown. 19/3/2015
Louis Walsh

LOUIS Walsh's shock departure from X-Factor means he has more time to ensure that his newest boyband, Hometown, are hard at work.

"It has its pros and cons," singer Cian Morrin told the Herald.

"Even when he was on X-Factor he always gave us his full attention, but now we're going to see him a lot more.

"He's absolutely cracking the whip - but he always has been."

The band said all eyes are on breaking into the UK this year following chart success in Ireland.

"We're back and forth to London at the minute. During the summer we'll be there a lot. All our focus is on the single launch there in July," said band member Dayl Cronin.

Meanwhile, former Westlifer Shane Filan has spoken of the group's break-up, saying that of all of them, he thinks Walsh was the most devastated by the split.

The solo singer, who will appear on Pat Kenny In The Round on UTV Ireland on Monday night, refused to rule out a Westlife reunion.

"It's four or five people that have to make that decision, so it depends where we all are individually in our own lives at that stage," he said.

In an in-depth interview, Filan also recounted his financial troubles after the property company he owned with his brother went bust in 2012.

The musician found himself in debt to the tune of €23m after the company's collapse, and he said he lost everything.

"Yeah. Everything, actually, yeah. It was really bad. We had just played Croke Park - it's incredible looking back at it," he said.

"We played to 170,000 people in one weekend and the following week I had a few hundred quid.

"I literally had a few hundred quid in my bank account."

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