Wednesday 13 December 2017

Lotto winners: 'We're going to buy an indoor slide and a massive TV with our €7.3m jackpot'

Ast manager Justin Gill and Luke McDonald pictured in Supervalu Killiney,Co Dublin where Winning lotto ticket was sold
Ast manager Justin Gill and Luke McDonald pictured in Supervalu Killiney,Co Dublin where Winning lotto ticket was sold

A young Dublin family say they're going to buy their "dream home" following years of renting after scooping a €7.3m Lotto jackpot last month.

The mum and dad, both in their 40s, were accompanied by their young children as they collected their winnings at Lotto HQ in Dublin's city centre on Wednesday of last week (October 7th).

The couple, who wish to remain private, said they were completely overwhelmed after realising they won the Lotto jackpot worth a staggering €7,384,790.

The couple purchased their ticket - a €40 Quick Pick play ticket for eight draws - in the Super Valu store in Killiney Shopping Centre, Rochestown Avenue, Dun Laoghaire on Sepember 15th last.

The ticket won the jackpot on the second draw night, Saturday September 19.

Incidentally, the couple also won a €3 scratchcard.

Speaking last week when collecting their winnings from Lotto HQ, the couple described themselves as an "ordinary working couple who rent our home" but now have plans to buy their dream house.

The husband, who works in sales, said: "I’d heard on the radio that a syndicate had won the jackpot, and I usually wait until the eight draws are over on the ticket before I check it.

"So I put it into a ticket checker in a shop in Killiney and the message told me to contact National Lottery offices. I thought ‘that’s strange’ so when I went back to the office, I put in the numbers on the web checker and all these fireworks went off.

"But I still didn’t believe anything great had happened. When I went home, my wife and I checked again on the web, the fireworks thing happened again. We sort of knew then that something big was about to happen, and we didn’t sleep all night," he said.

"Friday evening, we went out to Ouzos in Blackrock to celebrate – with desserts! We pushed out the boat and had vanilla and cookie-dough ice-cream, chocolate brownie, crème brulee and banoffi, with some Irish coffees. We’ll definitely celebrate by adding dinner to the desserts soon," smiled the lucky wife.

"We’re going to look after our family and friends, and donate to an animal charity, as it’s a cause close to our hearts. We’re looking forward to being secret Good Samaritans, and doing some philanthropic work when we see a need," they said.

The happy couple and their family have also been thinking about their dream shopping list for the past week and it now includes plans for purchases and experiences from each member of the family.

Some of the items included are: "A trip to Disneyland in Florida, followed by a cruise in Jamaica; an indoor slide (‘so we can get downstairs quicker’); new car; find dream house and pay off mortgage immediately; a pin ball machine and a popcorn maker; an immediate trip to Harvey Norman to check out GIGANTIC screens for a new home cinema; and finally (for the moment) a trip to Venezuela to see the fantastic lightening storms’."

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