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Lord Mayor to honour heroes in fire drama

Mark Furlong

THE heroes who rescued a family from a house are to be honoured by Dublin's Lord Mayor Christy Burke with a Mansion House reception.

Six people were initially hospitalised after the blaze on Tuesday morning at 5am at Gloucester Place.

Baby Mila Healy (three months) had to be thrown to safety by her dad Derek into the arms of Mark Furlong (20) who had raced to the scene to help.

"In January, I am going to hold a reception and it will be in recognition of the heroics and courageous efforts displayed by five men and one woman, in relation to the family who were saved from the fire," the Lord Mayor told the Herald

Mark Furlong, who caught little Mila, along with Aaron Furlong, Wayne Kearns, John Lyons, Ian Molloy and Christine Tobin, will all be honoured for their role in assisting with the rescue efforts.


"They are all neighbours. I have also nominated Mark Furlong to the Ceann Comhairle for a national bravery award," Mr Burke said.

He will present them with Lord Mayor's scrolls at the reception.

"They were heroes, and I am giving them that recognition because that is the title they deserve,"he added.

He has been in contact with the family after their ordeal. Mila has since been discharged from hospital, thankfully uninjured.