Friday 17 November 2017

Lord Mayor calls on city chief to apologise for Poolbeg


Proposed site of the Poolbeg incinerator
Proposed site of the Poolbeg incinerator

Dublin Mayor Criona Ni Dhalaigh has said she believes that the controversy over city manager Owen Keegan's Poolbeg incinerator letter "brings home how urgently" the city needs a directly elected mayor.

Cllr Ni Dhalaigh said Mr Keegan should withdraw the comments made to the US company behind the €500m incinerator - Covanta - reassuring them about the rejection of the scheme by Dublin city and Dun Laoghaire/Rathdown councillors.

She told the Herald she would raise the matter in a meeting with Mr Keegan last night.

In the letter to Covanta boss Anthony Orlando, Mr Keegan stressed that a lack of political support for the incinerator should pose no threat to it going ahead, despite two councils having voted against the plans.

Mr Keegan said that the ultimate decision on how to proceed with the project would be made by executives at the Dublin local authorities and not by councillors.

Sinn Fein's Ms Ni Dhalaigh described the decision-making process in the Poolbeg project as "undemocratic".

"Fifty out of 52 councillors voted against the project and it still went ahead," she said.

Ms Ni Dhalaigh said she believes the position of Lord Mayor should have executive powers and be elected by the citizens.

"This incident (Mr Keegan's letter) brings home how urgently we need a directly elected mayor."

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