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‘Loom band’ craze takes off

A YOUNG businesswoman expressed astonishment at the loom band’ craze sweeping across Ireland.

Theresa McGuinness said she was totally taken aback by the fascination for the brightly coloured rubber bracelets that she decided to import into Ireland having been impressed by their popularity in New York.

Theresa, who is from the US but living in Wexford, has seen the bands soar in popularity with Ronan Keating wearing them and Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams (64) spotted donning one on RTE’s Six One News.

Shops nationwide are now rushing to stock the product which is made from a simple kit of rubber bands which are threaded together by hand.

“My children, Alexandra (9) and Harry (8) (inset) really enjoyed making loom bands when they were in the States last year,” she told the Herald.

“I came back expecting it to hit here. But it didn’t. I was going into Smyth’s Toy Store and was asking around and no one knew about it.” She was further taken aback when RTE’s Late Late Show didn’t feature the product for its Christmas toy show despite the fact it was dominating US toy sales.

The craze has taken off in recent weeks, with children from the age of seven upwards now making the bracelets.

Theresa markets the kits via her website, www.loombands.ie