Tuesday 12 December 2017

Longboat Quay families facing new concerns after storm rips off part of roof

Longboat Quay playground
Longboat Quay playground

Fire safety concerns are not the only issues dogging the Longboat Quay complex after parts of the copper cladding on the roof blew off during Storm Barney.

Residents received an email from the management company of the 298 homes, warning them away from balconies and common areas.

"I got the email on Wednesday saying that there was copper cladding after coming off the roof and the playground area was closed and if we had a balcony to stay off the balcony," said resident Shay Pullen (50).

Work is under way to replace slats of wood which had also come loose. It is understood nobody was hurt.

Mr Pullen said residents had to be careful nevertheless.

"Having seen that wood there - if that came off and hit you, it would knock you out. If there had been kids there, a smack on the head could kill them."

The management company would only confirm that work was ongoing following last week's storm.

"We can confirm that some roof cladding came loose from the Longboat Quay north block on Tuesday night. Management had the roof inspected on Wednesday morning and repairs commenced immediately.


"During this time, management have temporarily closed off the Longboat Quay playground and courtyard until they are satisfied that the roof is fixed and safe. The repairs are expected to take a few days," they said.

On top of the storm damage, the continued uncertainty of the future of the apartment block has left some residents "distraught and stressed" - with some even fearing they could end up homeless.

"You've two choices - first choice, if you're told to move out, you're out on the streets, out in the freezing cold - you could die. The second choice is to stay here and you could be burnt to death. If some apartment goes up, the whole lot is going to go up," Mr Pullen said.

"My parents are in their late 60s, they haven't got room for me and my kids," one concerned resident who did not wish to be named told the Herald.

"People are nervous, everyone is stressed with all this uncertainty; once a fire notice is given we have 24 hours to get out.

"The management company are confident there won't be an evacuation…but the management company can't stop the fire safety officer," the resident added.

At the end of September, it came to light that there were major fire safety concerns with Longboat Quay.

Last month, Dublin Fire Brigade issued a fire safety notice which requires an estimated €4m in works be carried out to fix the issues in the complex.

The development was completed in 2006 by Gendsong, which is controlled by developer Bernard McNamara.

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