Wednesday 12 December 2018

London Fashion Week and the huberman Effect

Myself and Brendan Courtney were over at London Fashion Week for a few days and it was absolutely crazy. It always is. It's full of crazy people and everybody is trying to out-peacock and look crazier than everyone else.

We got on really well and it was great fun. We did a showroom presentation for our label Lennon/Courtney in the Hospital Club around the corner from Covent Garden It went great.

The whole week is a great showcase for stylists, but what people don't actually realise is that by the time you get to Fashion Week, all the orders for the season have already been made so it's literally just for exposure.


I was thrilled to see the feedback that some Irish designers got over there, like Simone Rocha and Natalie B Coleman. There's so much talent out there and I think that next year is going to be a really exciting time for the industry.

We have a UK agent now and we've been stocked for two seasons in a store in Notting Hill called Wolf & Badger. We work a full year ahead, so we're currently looking at autumn/winter 2015.

Our designs aren't really trend-led, in that this season it's all about looking like a Japanese Geisha and next season it's something else. It's more about trying to find intelligent solutions and ways to advance your wardrobe.

Women don't dress according to strict trends - I know I certainly don't - so we don't produce that way, where you're wearing something different every season. We produce clothes you're going to wear for a long time.

It's always nice when people like Amy Huberman (inset) wear your designs.

We dressed her for the premiere of The Stag in London and the outfit was gorgeous on her and sold out pretty fast - it's the Amy affect.

She's amazing, she picked it out herself and is one of those women who naturally has a very good sense of style. She's dressing her pregnancy very well and doesn't need much help, she knows it herself.

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