Tuesday 12 December 2017

Locals join forces to embrace Spring clean

The success of the Clondalkin Tidy Towns group is spreading out in every direction.

Residents in Bawnogue and Deansrath are now planning on setting up their own group to keep their neighbourhoods tidy.

The residents last month approached the council for help in forming their group.

There is already a main group in the centre of Clondalkin that has been in operation since 2012.

The Clondalkin Tidy Towns group takes care of the village and surrounding areas within a one kilometre radius.

A spokesman for the group said they will be more than happy to help the Bawnogue and Deansrath residents get up and cleaning.

"We've interacted with various other groups in the area in the last number of years and helped them set up and do a big clean-up.

"We try and bring communities together and get them to look after their own area - to be proud of their area," said Ronan Connolly. The Clondalkin Tidy Towns group won two national awards in 2013. Members also helped with the set up of the North Clondalkin Tidy Towns group in the same year.

North Clondalkin Tidy Towns takes care of the Liffey Valley region.

The area that the Bawnogue and Deansrath residents are aiming to tidy up is quite big and has a number of shops and several thousand people living there.


"The tidy towns groups in other parts of Clondalkin do a great service for the areas they look after, this group will help improve the Bawnogue area. It is very welcome," said local Independent councillor Francis Timmons.

While the residents get their green fingers ready, locals all over Clondalkin can help tidy up their community with the National Spring Clean taking place on April 18, from 10am in the village centre.

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