Thursday 21 November 2019

Little to cheer as claim culture blamed for decision to cancel Oktoberfest 2019

Last call for Oktoberfest? Photo: Peter Houlihan / PH Photography
Last call for Oktoberfest? Photo: Peter Houlihan / PH Photography

Organisers have called time on this year's Dublin Oktoberfest because of "unprecedented increases" in the cost of insurance cover.

The annual festival was due to take place on George's Dock, beside the IFSC, from Friday, September 14 until Saturday, October 6.

In a statement released yesterday, organisers blamed "a claim culture that has developed in Ireland" for the cancellation.

"As much as we love coming to Dublin and doing our event with you guys, the 2019 event cannot go ahead due to unprecedented increases in our insurance premium," it read.

"In Germany we are not used to the claim culture that has developed in Ireland, and therefore we have decided to take a break this year.


"The belief that putting in an insurance claim doesn't hurt anyone except the insurance company is incorrect.

"Consequently, great fun events like ours find it hard to go ahead when suspect insurance claims from a small minority of people can ruin it for everybody.

"We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our loyal patrons and Irish partners that have helped us with the event over the years and ask you to look forward to Oktoberfest 2020."

Peter Boland, spokesperson for the Alliance for Insurance Reform, a group representing businesses demanding a reform of Ireland's insurance sector, said the announcement is "unfortunately unsurprising".

"We are really disappointed it has come to this and we're very sorry for the festival and everyone involved, particularly the local area which would have benefited," he said.

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