Wednesday 24 January 2018

Lisa - I'll be getting tips off model Lynn


NEW Miss Universe Ireland Lisa Madden has revealed that she'll be asking former winner Lynn Kelly for some tips on how to stay in shape.

Lisa said she thinks the model - who was recently criticised for posting an image (inset) where she was said to look too thin - looks great.

"I think that it's hard work and healthy eating," she told the Herald.

"There's no doubt about it - because her muscle definition is insane.

"I will be getting on to her before the competition and getting her to feed and train me," she added.

The Cork dentistry student also said that she thinks the beauty pageant is positive for women.

"I think Miss Universe promotes women in a really healthy way," she said.

"I am a bit of a dolly bird and I love getting dressed up and love make up and getting glammed up," she added.


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