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'Lisa and Gerald weren't right for each other,' Roz


Roz Flanagan Picture: Brian McEvoy

Roz Flanagan Picture: Brian McEvoy

Roz Flanagan Picture: Brian McEvoy

Roz Flanagan has admitted she doesn't think her pal Lisa Murphy and former flame Gerald Kean were ever right for each other.

The Armagh woman (53) starred alongside Lisa on TV3 reality series Dublin Wives and has seen the couple split up and get back together several times.

Legal eagle Gerald has said he will always love his ex, although Lisa has insisted their relationship is over for good and is currently living back with her parents.

"It's all broken up with her and Gerald. I think she's back living home, I'm not sure. I see her from time to time. I don't know if they should get back together, I don't know if they were right for each other," Roz told the Diary.

Roz has kept in touch with some of her former co-stars and meets up with Virginia Macari whenever she goes to her holiday home in Marbella, where Macari now lives.

"When I go to Spain, I talk to Virginia, she's doing very well over there. I'm delighted for her, she's a lovely girl," she said.

The socialite has a busy travelling schedule and recently returned from a trip to New York where she congratulated her daughter Stephanie, who has got engaged to her boyfriend Sean.


"I'm in great form. It's a super exciting time. I'm only just home from New York, my daughter got engaged in Central Park. They had a photographer and everything for it.

"He's gorgeous, a really nice lad," she said.

Roz's daughter is hoping to make it big in the world of showbiz and the glamorous mum hopes she'll make it.

"She's acting and singing, she's performing in shows," explained Roz. "She's trying to make it, little fish big pond sort of thing, fingers crossed."