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Linkedin hosts 'bring in your parents' day

Pictured here is LinkedIn's Sharon McCooey with her parents Margaret and Raymond McCooey at LinkedIn's 'Bring In Your Parents' Day, which was held yesterday in the social media network's Dublin office.

The event, which is in its second year, encourages businesses to give employees' parents an inside view of their child's working life.

The day was held in 16 countries and companies including Logitech, Virgin, British Airways and Rubicon Project signed up to take part.

"Parents can often be a valuable part of their child's professional network, however our research reveals professionals aren't taking full advantage of their parents' experience and wisdom," said Nicole Williams, a LinkedIn career expert.

"Parents are often overlooked when it comes to seeking career advice, so Bring in Your Parents is all about highlighting the benefits of turning to them. Bring In Your Parents Day is an opportunity for parents to better understand their child's professional life and in turn share what they've learned from their own careers.

"It's also an opportunity for us to say thank you for the support our parents have given us - something we can easily forget to do," Ms Williams added.