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Lily-Mae battles through 'toughest week of her life'

THE tiny dancer who has captured the hearts of the nation is keeping her spirits up despite battling through one of "the toughest weeks of her life", says her mum.

LILY-MAE Morrison (4), from Claregalway, Co Galway, is undergoing an aggressive treatment of high-dose chemotherapy which has left her too ill to speak.

Her mum Judith Sibley told the Herald that despite the gruelling treatment, her daughter was still trying to stay in good spirits.

"She's having a very bad week but she spoke a few words today. It's the hardest week she has faced but we're half way through it now. She just has to get through the next four to five days," explained Judith.

"Her hair is all gone again and she did say this time that she was sad about losing her hair, but her spirits have picked up a bit," she added.

Lily-Mae remains in isolation in Crumlin Children's Hospital where she is receiving her ninth bout of chemotherapy. The little girl is suffering from stage four Neuroblastoma, a rare form of children's cancer which has only a 30pc to 40pc chance of survival.

"If everything goes to plan and this monster doesn't return then this is the last chemo she'll have in her life," added Judith.

The mum-of-two also told of her relief that HMV will honour the €27,000 debt owed to the Sunni-Mae Trust from the sale of charity single Tiny Dancer.

"It's just fantastic that the money is going to the charity. If it comes back this will be Lily-Mae's only chance.

"We will need to go to Germany or America. We hope it won't come to that and the money can go to other children with Neuroblastoma," she added.

The family are now bracing themselves to spend most of 2013 in Crumlin Hospital and are urging people to get behind a fund to redevelop the hospital.

"They want to open the new ward by March but they still need over €1.5m.

"It will make such a difference to our lives when the new ward is open. It's inhuman what the patients and staff have to deal with at the minute," said Judith.