Sunday 17 December 2017

'Lillis must pay for trying to frame me'

AN INNOCENT man who Eamonn Lillis tried to frame for the death of Celine Cawley is on the verge of suing the killer.

Gardener Stephen Larkin said he wants Lillis "to pay" for what he did to him.

Mr Larkin is expecting to hear from his solicitor within the next couple of weeks about a possible legal action for damages against wife-killer Lillis.

Mr Larkin said it would have been him "locked up in Mountjoy" if Lillis had got away with it. He insisted it "isn't right and (Lillis) should pay for it", and added that the compensation he will be looking for "wouldn't be a small amount of money".

Gardai arrived at Mr Larkin's house just over one hour after they attended the scene at Lillis's home, where they found his wife Celine Cawley lying dead by the kitchen door.

Lillis had told gardai he had returned from a walk to find a masked "burglar" at the scene.

He pointed the finger of suspicion at the former gardener but it was later established he had nothing to do with the killing. Mr Larkin had worked as a landscape gardener for Ms Cawley.

Lillis was sentenced last February to six years and 11 months in prison for the manslaughter of his wife Celine.


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