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Life is sweet for AIB with 200,000 bees

AIB is buzzing with the sound of 200,000 live bees. The bank's headquarters in Ballsbridge has just opened Ireland's first ever rooftop bee yard on a commercial building.

The yard, or apiary as it is known, is now home to 200,000 honey-making bees, but it is not open to the general public.

The idea came from Boyne Valley Honey after its chairman, Malachy McCloskey, approached his bank to ask for their help with the project.

"For us it is the continuation of the relationship that started our business over 60 years ago, when one of our customers gave us a few jars of honey," Mr McCluskey said.


The apiary is located on the roof of the sixth-floor AIB headquarters and the aim is to increase the population of the insects in the country.

The bee population benefit from the innovative scheme, as will people in Dublin 4.

It is expected the bees will pollinate flowers and trees within a five kilometre radius of the hives. Around 20 jars of honey will be taken from each of the hives.

AIB's Simon Scroope said the bank was "delighted to help", when they were approached by Mr McCluskey.

And the Boyne Valley chairman, who employs more than 300 people in Drogheda, said the bank worked as a fantastic location for the apiary.

"AIB Bankcentre is an ideal space as the roof is a perfect height, and the bees will be able to forage for nectar and pollinate the nearby parks and gardens," stated Mr McCluskey.