Sunday 17 December 2017

Lid could be lifted on bin collections 'fiasco'

DETAILS of the controversial deal struck between Dublin City Council and Greyhound Recycling may soon be made public.

The council has revealed it is in negotiations with the private waste firm with a view to publishing the agreed contract.

Council management has come under fire in recent days after claiming the contract on the sale of the service is "commercially sensitive".

However City Manager John Tierney appears to have now done a U-turn -- telling councillors that council management is in discussions with Greyhound to determine what details will be made available.

However the Herald has learned that any move to publish will have to be given the green light by the company, as a "non-disclosure agreement" was signed.

"Greyhound Recycling and Recovery signed a non-disclosure agreement with Dublin City Council so we are not obliged to make the contract public. That is common commercial practice," a spokesperson told the Herald.

The company previously insisted on the sale figure being kept confidential because "it might give others an indication of its pricing strategy".


Council sources say the price agreed for the service was "extremely low".

The transfer to Greyhound was dubbed a full-blown fiasco, with both the company and the council receiving thousands of complaints from homeowners.

The council has defended its decision to outsource the service, stating that it would have had to find €50m over six years to continue bin collections.

Councillors however say the deal has been "shrouded in secrecy" and have called on both the council and Greyhound to make the details public "in the interests of transparency".


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