Wednesday 20 February 2019

Liam flushes Cheryl out in live loo chat

Liam Payne raises a laugh with Cheryl over loo chat
Liam Payne raises a laugh with Cheryl over loo chat

Singer Liam Payne joked about facing the "wrath" of his partner Cheryl - after interrupting her on the toilet on live radio.

The One Direction star, who has a year-old son with the former X Factor judge, was in the middle of a phone chat with BBC Radio 1's Nick Grimshaw when he went to find Cheryl (34) to ask her how many people she would have in her entourage.

The 24-year-old could be heard shouting: "Chez, are you there? Where are you?"


He then told Grimshaw: "Hang on a minute, I'm just finding her.

"She's actually in the toilet, this is hilarious."

Payne could then be heard telling Cheryl (34): "First up, was it a number one or a number two?"

After getting the answer "seven" for her entourage, Payne said: "She's going to kill me after this."

Cheryl took over the phone for a few moments to talk to Grimshaw before the radio host told Payne he would see him at his Live Lounge performance later in the day.

"If I'm still alive, and I haven't been killed after this phone call, then I'll see you later," Payne replied, adding that he fears "the wrath of the Chez".

Payne admitted to feeling "daunted" by his Radio 1 Live Lounge appearance, his first time doing it solo without his One Direction bandmates.

He and Cheryl were forced to defend their relationship against rumours of a split earlier this year.

The couple welcomed their son Bear in March last year after being together since 2016.

They first met on The X Factor in 2008 when former Girls Aloud star Cheryl was a judge and Payne auditioned as a solo contestant.

Two years later, he returned to the talent search programme as a member of One Direction.

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