Friday 22 March 2019

Let's reclaim our streets

Minister for Drugs Aodhan O Riordain believes there are fewer than 100 people who inject drugs in public.

Dubliners already know the hotspots for addicts who shoot-up on our streets, in laneways or in parks. It is too common a sight for tourists who discover it on their travels around the city.

The capital is littered with needles and drug paraphernalia.

If there are fewer than 100 people shooting up in public, then it's time for the newly appointed minister to take action.

Medically supervised injection centres are one option put forward. While controversial, it is hoped such a move would reduce the number of people injecting in public.

Researchers say overdoses would also come down, easing pressure on the emergency services. We could reclaim our city streets once and for all.

Who are the losers in that scenario, minister?

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