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Lesbian garda 'harassed' by sergeant claim

Garda authorities declined to comment today on a report that a lesbian officer has lodged an official complaint that she has been harassed by her superior officer.

The garda sergeant accused of intimidating the young female officer has been transferred to another garda station pending the holding of a disciplinary hearing, it was claimed.

The emergence of the bullying claim comes just days after a successful concert in Dublin performed jointly by the Garda Band and Gloria, a gay and lesbian choir.

The young lesbian garda reportedly made the official complaint against her sergeant after allegedly putting up with weeks of ridicule from him.

The sergeant is alleged to have made a computer mock-up of a car licence plate reading 'FAG 1' which he then placed over the registration number of her private vehicle. It is claimed he used garda equipment in a Dublin garda station to make the insulting message.

As part of the investigation into the complaint, computers in the garda station are being examined.


The alleged victim is relatively new to the force and is aged in her 20s.

Both officers will have an opportunity to give their own sides of the matter when the matter is dealt with by a senior garda officer.

A Garda Press Office spokesman said today he was not in a position to comment on the report.

On Sunday last, the Garda Band performed a gala concert with Gloria, the gay and lesbian choir in the National Concert Hall.

This was the second time that Gloria and the Gardai joined forces for such an event. In 2006, in a ground-breaking concert, the Garda Band and Gloria brought the crowd of 1,200 people to their feet in what was believed to be the first such event in the world where a police band and a gay choir performed together.

The force has a number of liaison officers throughout Dublin and around the country who work with members of the gay community.

Within the force, any form of sexual harassment or bullying is forbidden and disciplinary procedures exist to deal with complaints.