Wednesday 13 December 2017

'Leo's approach is mad, he needs to tackle class issues' - Connors

Love/Hate star John Connors, a member of the Travelling community, is critical of Leo Varadkar
Love/Hate star John Connors, a member of the Travelling community, is critical of Leo Varadkar

Love/Hate actor John Connors has criticised Leo Varadkar for saying he wants to be a politician for "people who get up early in the morning".

The Dublin man (27), who is a member of the Travelling community, believes that social class and people's unwillingness to discuss it is one of the biggest problems in Ireland today.

"If you look at our new Taoiseach, his approach is mad with the things he's interested in," he said.

"He has these cryptic quotes like, 'I'm going to be a Taoiseach for people who get up in the morning'. That's all code. No one wants to talk, no one wants to have a direct conversation about class."

The actor pointed out that, while people are now comfortable discussing gender inequality, he believes we are still uncomfortable talking about class.

"I think class is the overall issue. We're starting to talk about gender, which is great, but class is the overall issue I think. A woman from a certain class could be very privileged," he told the Herald.

Connors said he has been "concerned" with recent comments he has seen people make on social media in the wake of Islamist terrorist attacks in Manchester and London.


"The last couple of days, I've been on my Facebook being really concerned because I'm seeing a lot of Islamophobia and a lot of terrible things being said by Irish people," he said.

"I always say eight-and-a-half people out of 10 are sheep and are following what they are being told."

Connors does not believe Ireland has to worry about falling victim to a terrorist attack. "Why do we really have to worry in Ireland? We have yet to experience a terrorist attack," he said.

"The real reason behind this, and I don't want to justify it, but the real motivation is that these countries have been invaded by America and Britain and Israel.

"Their wealth has been taken and new leaders have been appointed and their countries have been jumbled with no infrastructure, no police, no nothing.

"Ireland wasn't involved in that. I don't think we have any reason to worry.

"Although, if we keep allowing planes to land and refuel in Shannon, maybe we do have something to worry about but really I don't think we do."

Connors is currently working on a documentary about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which he hopes to film in the coming months.

He was speaking at the launch of 3e's new movie show, Box Office, which is hosted by Lisa Cannon. The series brings viewers the latest in film releases, box sets, interviews and movie news. It premieres tonight at 8pm.

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