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Leo 'checks in' on social media under pseudonym

Minister for Health likes to keep his personal and public life apart - particularly when it comes to social media.

The Minister has a political Facebook account for his TD, minister and constituency work under his own name.

But he also has a personal account under a different pseudonym.

Few people would ever guess that a Facebook account belonging to Eric Howell was in fact Leo Varadkar's.

"This was a personal Facebook account for friends and family. Anyone who is my friend on Facebook is a personal friend," he said.

"It's my middle name and mother's maiden name and any one of my friends would know that."

"This has nothing to do with politics," he added.

Leo - aka Eric - used the page to 'check in' to various locations around the world while on government trips, including Miami Beach's Ocean Drive and the Great Wall of China.

Eric Howell has also checked in at Government Buildings.