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Leaving Cert students enjoy their night of celebration

THOUSANDS of jubilant Leaving Cert students hit the streets of the capital last night to celebrate their results.

Smiling students, relieved that the long wait was finally over, flocked to hotspots such as the Wright Venue in Swords and Dandelion, where Lottie Ryan was hosting a special post Leaving Cert results party.

Gardai reported a quiet night on the tiles for the students, with no major incident arising.

Well-behaved teetotaller Diandra Xavier (18) from Clonskeagh was marking her 600 points perfect score.

She enjoyed a low-key dinner in Captain America's before going on to the Button Factory with pals Niamh Lawlor, from Templeogue, and Ed Mahon, from Churchtown.

Both Hannah McCormack and Rachel Anderson, from Terenure, were also out celebrating their results.

Looking effortlessly chic in their LBDs, both girls were looking ahead to a good night.

Although gardai reported a quiet night for thousands of students, there were a few unsavoury scenes to be found across the city.

Some of our photographs show drunken teens getting sick on some of the busiest streets in the capital.

One image captures a fresh-faced blonde teenage girl, almost unconscious from drink, being rapidly escorted from a city centre nightclub by a pal to vomit on the street.

The scantily clad youngster then fell and is pictured sitting in her own pool of sick.

She was overheard shouting at a group of males passing by to "Please put me in a taxi", before bursting into tears.

Metres from her, another girl, being held upright by a male friend, nervously clung to parked cars and projectile vomited before going home at 12.30am.

He explained they had simply started their celebrations "too early".


Minutes after they moved on, another drunken couple replaced them. The male was seen desperately trying to protect his girlfriend's modesty as her black mini-dress rode up, before she keeled over and eventually slumped to the ground.

In Rathmines, gardai were forced to break up an escalating fight between a highly strung student and one of the club's bouncers after he was ejected for bad behaviour.

Two gardai stepped in within moments of the youth verbally abusing door staff and only when they threatened to arrest him did he finally leave the scene before things got any more heated.

Gardai were well prepared with a van of back-up ready to assist the squad car if the situation got out of hand.

While hoards of students enjoyed a memorable drama-free evening celebrating their results, a small minority created alcohol-fuelled frenzy in the city centre.