Sunday 20 January 2019

Leaving Cert Diary: Sporting chance for me in Irish

Maths paper two was handy enough yesterday and similar to previous papers. I didn't get some stuff that I'd hoped would come up, but it was still a nice paper overall.

I find that the same stuff comes up every year in ordinary level maths. But the probability question was hard. The question was almost identical to the 2008 one but it was long and it dragged on a bit.

I did ordinary level Irish as well and that was a nice paper. The aural was pretty straightforward. For Irish paper one I did a letter and an essay. They were topical enough which I liked. The topic for the essay was "I enjoy sport" and so I wrote about how important sport is, sports stars, and how society would be different without sport. I did the letter about thanking a friend for a present.

And the comprehensions were easy. They were about John Horne, who is a historian, and a female Gaelic footballer.

Paper two is today and that'll be where we look at poetry, stories, and any stuff we've had to learn off.

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