Monday 18 February 2019

Leaving Cert Diary: So, that's the easy part down -- now for the tricky Paper Two

GEORGE McGOVERN (17) from Blackrock College thought yesterday’s Paper One in English went well, and he’s now ready for Paper Two having learnt the assigned texts and poems.

Yesterday's exam was really good -- I got to bed early enough the night before and I was in school for 8.30am so I got an hour to start looking over everything. And overall it was an easy enough paper, I thought.

We had a choice of three comprehensions. I did the text about the famous French tightrope walker Philippe Petit who walked between the Twin Towers in New York. And I chose to write the article for a travel magazine, where I talked about the fascination around travelling to the Caribbean and why I wanted to go there.

For the essay, I wrote all about technology today and how it affects young people. It's a topic that I'd prepared during the year so I just wrote about gaming and how young people are becoming unsociable because they're playing it too much.

Timing was an issue for me yesterday. I didn't think I'd be caught for time, but I didn't get to finish off the essay as I wanted.

Overall, the paper wasn't hard compared to other years, and I relaxed a little last night.

I wasn't that nervous yesterday but today is a bit different because we've had to cover so much to do it. Everyone seems to have studied Eavan Boland, William Wordsworth, Robert Frost and Emily Dickinson. And I looked over Hamlet and the comparative texts.

But I'm anxious to see what comes up and if stuff I haven't learned comes up I'll be a bit worried. But we'll have to see.

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