Wednesday 16 January 2019

Leaving Cert Diary: Irish went well and I'm all set to try my French today

iRISH paper two went well. For section one we had an option to do one out of two questions, and I picked question two about Clare Sa Speir.

The story is about a woman who does nothing but housework and she asks her kids and her husband to help her, and when they don't, she goes and lives in a tree house for a month.

The second section was about the story Ban Og, a story about a young woman who lives in the countryside with her children and it goes through their family problems.

We had a choice to write about a couple of themes there and it was very manageable.

The poetry questions were the hardest. You have to do one poem out of the two they give you in the first section, and then it's compulsory to do the last poem.

I answered the questions on Gealt, which is about a patient who escapes from a mental hospital and it basically discusses how people judge people who are different.

Luckily, my favourite poem came up for the compulsory section. It's called Faoiseamh A Gheobhadsa and it's about a man coming from an island to live in Dublin.

It breaks his heart and gives him a troubled mind. It's only 10 lines long, and it was a bonus that it came up.


For French today, I've been looking over past papers and I can't do much more than that at this stage.

I've been told that the papers are set in autumn every year so I reckon they'll take articles from papers about the economic crisis and the IMF for the comprehension.

I've been learning general phrases to write letters and diaries, and I looked over vocabulary for themes such as violence, inequality and racism.

George is a pupil at Blackrock College, Dublin

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