Thursday 22 August 2019

Leaving Cert Diary: I found French aural very hard to understand

The French aural was quite tough yesterday. The first section of it was easy but I found the content in the second section hard to understand.

The first one was about three people, where they live, and what they like and don't like about it. And the second part featured a guy talking about his life and his job.

But I didn't understand some of the questions so that made it a tough section.

The third section was fine -- it was a conversation between two friends. And the last section always features news pieces.

They're quite fast and difficult to keep up with.

There were a few hard parts in the aural overall, but it was still a nice enough exam.

The first comprehension in the written paper was about student accommodation and how in France there's a lack of it, and students are either paying too much for it or they can't get it.

And it was about what the French government is trying to do to sort out the problem.

The second comprehension was an extract from a French novel, and it was about a young boy who discovers a medicine in a weekend house, and it's about burglary because he breaks into a neighbouring house to get the medication.

For section three, I answered the part about criminality in young people. It was fine because I'd studied the topic of alcohol and drugs so I could tie that into the subject.

And then I did the question on writing an email to a friend who was coming to visit in Ireland.

The last section was about the problems attached to social networking and Twitter, and while I thought it was an easy enough topic, I found it difficult to find relevant vocabulary to fill up 75 words.

Today, it's biology and I've narrowed down the topics to what I think will come up.

I focused on the female reproduction system because the male one came up last year, and photosynthesis as well because respiration came up last year.

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