Sunday 19 January 2020

Leaving Cert Diary: I can't wait to kick back when it's all over

RUGBY fanatic George McGovern is primed for the Leaving Cert and will share the experiences of the most important weeks of his young life with Herald readers.

George (18) from Blackrock College said goodbye to his classmates last week, and has been operating a well planned study timetable over the past week.

"I start tomorrow and finish on June 22 -- my subjects are all tied together whereas other people get theirs with gaps. This is just the way mine worked out.

"I've been getting up pretty early this week, at 8.30am every morning, and starting study at 9.30am. I'd study for an hour and take a 10-minute break, and continue on like that until lunch.

"It's been difficult enough to study with the warm weather, but I've tried to get a bit of sunshine by reading outside."

George studies design and communication graphics, a subject which was introduced to the Leaving Certificate programme two years ago, which means it's hard to rely on past exams papers for tips.

"It's a new course they released two years ago so there's no much to compare it to or there's no pattern to look at in the exam papers.

"It's tough but it's the subject I like the most and it's a start up to being an architect, which is what I want to do."

While George has set his sights on architecture in UCD, he has included other business options as well on his CAO form.

"I have commerce and other business courses like Business, Economics, Political Science and Sociology, and Human Resources management. But architecture is my main aim -- you can travel anywhere with it."

George works for Assets Commercial in his spare time, and also is a rugby fanatic.

"I played rugby for Blackrock college during the year and I play for Greystones rugby club as well.

"I've been in Blackrock College since fifth form and so it was strange to leave. I've gotten to know everyone and we had our graduation and dinner, and we went out for the last time a few weeks ago."

And while his focus is now firmly on learning any exam material he can, he is also looking forward to jetting off to Majorca with his friends when the exams finish.

"I think the timing of the Leaving Certificate is really well laid out so I'm not worried about that. I'm just worried about whether I know enough or not, because there's so much to learn.

"But on June 26, myself and my friends will be heading to Majorc so hopefully we'll kick back then."

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