Saturday 19 January 2019

Leaving Cert Diary: Difficult biology paper caught out a few of us

Some parts to the biology paper yesterday were strange, but overall most people were happy with it. The short answer questions were different this year. The way they were asked was different to previous years, even though the layout stayed the same.

Subjects like respiration, ecology, the digestive system and the liver all came up. The first three short questions were very easy; the first was on general knowledge in biology, the second on respiration, and the third on ecology.

The tricky thing about this paper though, was that if you didn't read the questions properly, and if you didn't see the key word in the questions, then it took a while to get the full meaning of the question. Some people were caught out on this -- they found it hard to figure out what exactly the question was asking. They were cryptic, really.


We had to do two out of three questions on experiments, and they were all pretty straightforward. In section three, we had to do four out of six questions. I answered the question on ecology, and some parts to that were challenging.

Then I answered the question on mitosis -- this topic was fine because we'd covered it a lot in school before.

Question four was about body temperature regulation and that was fine. But I didn't like question five. It's the topic that I hadn't prepared the most for, and I wasn't entirely sure of the diagram and the location of the parts of the digestive system.

Overall, though, the paper was pretty handy. There were just a few things that I would have liked to read over again and double check my answers.

Last night, I prepared for the Design and Communication Graphics exam by doing a few drawings. It takes about 40 minutes to do each drawing, but it's something I enjoy studying.

I've now got two exams left out of the entire Leaving Cert, and I absolutely cannot wait to finish.

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