Monday 20 November 2017

Laughs and fury at the breakaway bid by Terenure

TERENURE's demand to be moved into a more "middle class" constituency has prompted a huge reaction, with nearby areas branding it snobbish.

Residents associations in Terenure asked for the change so that the entire village could be located within Dublin South-East.

At the moment, the village is split in two, with half the community within Dublin South-Central and the rest represented by TDs and councillors in Dublin South-East.

However, their attempts to be moved into the more affluent electoral area have been branded "snobbish" by neighbouring districts.

It has also caused a flurry of online comment, with comedian Des Bishop, who lives in the Dublin South-Central constituency, among those making his feelings known.

"I live in Dolphins Barn. Terenure can f off," he quipped.

Writer Fiona Looney said if Terenure was unhappy in Dublin South-Central, "I'm sure we in Dublin South-West could manage to squeeze it in".


Author Paul Howard, through his famous Ross O'Carroll-Kelly character, quipped: "Am I over-simplfying (sic) things by saying that if the people of Terenure want to live in Dublin 4 so badly, they should buy houses there?"

He later added: "The people of Terenure just need to understand that Dublin 4 isn't a constituency.

"It isn't even a postcode. It's a state of mind."

Dr Maurice Gueret, an independent Seanad candidate, suggested Fine Gael voters were behind the attempts to change constituency.

"There are some residents of Terenure who would gladly build a 20ft high wall to block out its Western hinterland. They vote Fine Gael," he wrote.

Dublin South-Central includes places such as Crumlin, Dolphin's Barn, Drimnagh and Ballyfermot, while Dublin South-East takes in Ranelagh, Rathmines, Donnybrook and Sandymount.

The request to be moved was made by the Association of Residents of Terenure (ART) to the constituency commission -- which is redrawing Dail boundaries -- this month.

Fine Gael TD Eoghan Murphy, in a submission to the commission, supported the appeal on the basis of practicality.

It means the village "would no longer be divided between two electoral areas", he said.

A similar call was made four years ago by the Terenure Residents' Association (TRA).

Making a submission to the Electoral Area Boundary Committee on council borders in March 2008, TRA said it was "most unhappy" with the current situation in which the village is divided.


"Terenure is a natural community which has existed for well over a hundred years and this boundary runs right through the middle of it.

"The parish of Terenure is thus similarly divided," it said.

Residents in areas like Crumlin and Drimnagh who were quizzed about controversy said it appeared to be a "snobbery" issue.

In its submission, ART wrote: "The current constituency boundary has left us at a great disadvantage because the make-up of the public representatives who have been elected to our constituency do not, in general, seem to feel they represent the 'middle class' suburb of Terenure and instead draw their support from, and give their attention to, the western part of the constituency."

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