Sunday 26 January 2020

'Larry was genuinely the most liked person in the RTE radio building'

Larry in the 2fm studios
Larry in the 2fm studios

I heard the news about Larry Gogan about 6.30am yesterday.

Larry wasn't well but he was more than capable of doing all the radio stuff he needed to do.

Three days before Christmas, I was talking to him and he was wondering whether he would get home for Christmas. He was worried about his foot of all things, because the head was working perfectly.

He could have been a DJ until he died and he was - 60 years doing what he loved doing.

His voice was still perfect, it was still as smooth as a billiard ball.


He kept up with the music scene his whole career. He was doing sponsored music in the 1960s so by the time 2FM came along in 1979, he was already the 'veteran broadcaster'.

He was genuinely the most liked person in the whole of the RTE radio building. He always had a smile on his face.

We will miss him so much in Radio Centre.

Larry was always the same when the microphone went on but those who say he was the same off it - no, he wasn't.

Larry was well able to put the dig in at any time it was needed but he was the brightest, most charming person and when he retired this time last year from 2FM, we got the chance to give him a huge send-off.

The outpouring of love, respect, affection and genuine warmth from people across the country was beyond immense and, as you well know, was totally deserved.

He was able to put the boot in completely because he was thrown around RTE schedules all the time, because that's just what happens.

He went with it all the way and realised that this was his passion and if he just did the gig he was supposed to do he would always have that passion and a platform on which to play it out.

He was self-deprecating at every turn, always a smile in the voice as well as on the face.

I think Larry was probably as bewildered as he was honoured with all the attention he got a year ago at that amazing celebration of his life.

But it was great that he got it when he was fully able to appreciate it.

He was a lover of pop culture, appreciated today's music as much as any of the classics and he was a great supporter of Irish music.

The mood is pretty down at the moment. It's not been a great start to 2020.

We have lost three big names in two months.

There was over-the-top stuff being talked all the time about Gay Byrne, and it was totally deserved.

Over-the-top as the nicest guy on radio about Larry, and that was totally deserved.

One of the most inquisitive and best minds in radio that was Marian Finucane.

It's very sad.

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