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Lady on the Terrace replaces damaged Monet painting

This is the painting that has replaced the Monet masterpiece damaged after an alleged attack in the National Gallery.

The work, called Lady On The Terrace, is by another French artist who was inspired by Monet himself.

Paul Signac was so impressed by Monet that he gave up his training in architecture to pursue a career as a painter after attending an exhibition of Monet's work.

The damaged Monet painting, Argenteuil Basin With A Single Sailboat, is currently with gardai as they investigate an alleged attack on it on June 29.

It will have to undergo extensive examination and restoration by the gallery's conservation department before it can be put on view again.

Andrew Shannon (47) of Willans Way, Ongar, was remanded in custody after he was charged with causing criminal damage to the valuable Monet oil-painting.

The Signac painting chosen to replace the Monet in the Millennium Wing of the National Gallery is proving popular among visitors and tourists.

Signac's uses dots of colour which are blended by the eye of the viewer, rather then the broad brushstrokes favoured by Monet.

The painting from 1898 depicts a scene in St Tropez.

"We have tried to replace the Monet with another European painting in a similar style," said Valerie Keogh of the National Gallery.