Wednesday 24 January 2018

Kodaline give it socks at intimate gig for fans

Kodaline performing for RTÉ 2fm's The Rick O'Shea Show
Kodaline performing for RTÉ 2fm's The Rick O'Shea Show

They might be musical superstars but Kodaline's most diva-like demand is a new pair of socks for singer Steve Garrigan.

His love of clean socks was revealed at an intimate gig the band performed for fans at RTE.

The Swords rockers entertained the crowd with top tracks like All I Want, The One, and High Hopes, and answered questions from the audience.


When asked by one fan at yesterday's gig if it was true that he only wears new socks, Steve joked: "It is, and one of the best gifts we ever got from a fan was socks with our names on them."

Steve revealed that it was an unusual step up for the band to stay with Snow Patrol's Johnny McDaid and his fiancee, Friends star Courteney Cox, while recording their new album Coming Up For Air.

"Well, one thing you don't do when you're staying in her (Courteney's) house is sing the theme tune from Friends when she walks into the room," he joked.

"Our friends just kept texting us these voice messages of them singing the tune - every morning that would play when you opened them.

"It was stuck on our heads the whole time, but luckily none of us slipped up," he laughed.

The frontman also said that the band worked with One Direction star Harry Styles when they were recording in LA last year.

"He came to the show and then he came to another one and we all got on well," Steve said.

"We just hung out afterwards and the next day we were off and we all just ended up in the studio, nothing has been said about what we worked on just yet though."


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