Sunday 20 January 2019

King scum on the run

ESCAPE: Drugs criminal jumps on to tram when we try to confront him

This is 'King Scum' Tony Felloni -- once the biggest heroin dealer in the city and now living in Rialto.

The recently released drug pusher, who also got his wife and some of his own children addicted, did not want to be confronted near his new home, but instead ran to catch a Luas to escape the Herald.

Having spent 14 years behind bars, the Dominick Street native is believed to have €25,000 stashed away, from friends who visited him during his latest stint behind bars. But when approached by the Herald yesterday, Felloni fled towards the Rialto Luas stop opposite his new home on James's Walk and jumped on a tram.

Wearing a blue and white tracksuit, an unfit Felloni was out of breath and panting by the the time he got to the platform.


A woman who was with him ran ahead of him, holding the doors of the tram open until Felloni got to it. Earlier she had screamed at our reporter to get out of her property when he called looking for Felloni.

The Criminal Assets Bureau (CAB) stripped Felloni of all his assets while he was behind bars, but it is believed he collected enough money from friends and associates to keep him going.

Estranged from his wife, 68-year-old Felloni is living in a small end-of-terrace house and is entitled to the €219 State pension, free travel, and a medical card to pay for his HIV medication.

A number of his children also contracted HIV from the drugs their father introduced them to, while five of his children have spent time in jail.

His eighth child died just three days after it was born because of his wife's heroin addiction.

Felloni was blamed for escalating the capital's heroin problem in the 1980s and was considered by gardai to have been a key dealer for two decades. He was one of the first major criminals to be targeted by CAB after its inception.

He fought a 14-year battle to try and stop the agency from seizing the proceeds of crime but last year they seized almost €500,000 from him and he has been forced to claim State benefits.

Felloni was released from a low-security unit in Mountjoy last month after being moved there from Portlaoise Prison before Christmas.

The father-of-eight was jailed for 20 years in 1996, a sentence that made legal history at the time due to its severity.


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