Monday 21 January 2019

Kinahan son seeks protection as shot boxer flown home

Crime boss Christy Kinahan's son has applied for police protection in Spain after boxer Jamie Moore was shot inside his property, his lawyer has said.

Irishman Daniel Kinahan was in his home when Moore was shot at the beginning of August, near Estepona on the Costa del Sol.

Daniel's lawyer Javier Arias said it was because of that shooting that he would be asking for police protection for his client and not because of the killing of Gerard Kavanagh, who "he had never met".


And he said that Daniel has a "well-founded fear for his life" following the shooting inside his property.

Mr Arias said: "In spite of all the newspaper reports about the links between Gerard Kavanagh and the Kinahan family, Daniel doesn't know the man killed at the weekend and has never met him.

"The reason I will be asking for protection for Daniel is because of Jamie Moore's shooting at the start of August.

"The incident shows there's a very clear risk to Daniel's safety," he added.

It was thought the Kinahans were free to leave Spain as part of their bail conditions and only had to sign on at court once a month.

But Mr Arias said: "There is a ban on Daniel leaving Spain as part of his bail conditions.

"He can leave the country but only with judicial permission."

Retired boxer Jamie Moore was shot outside Daniel's villa last month near Estepona in a case of mistaken identity.

These photos show the bullet wound suffered by Moore and the boxer being transferred to Manchester for treatment.

Gerard 'Hatchet' Kavanagh, an enforcer said to work for the Kinahan family, was gunned down in a hail of bullets outside a nearby Costa del Sol bar in Elviria last Saturday.

Daniel - facing a money laundering trial in Spain with his brother Christopher and their dad following their May 2010 arrests - is still bound by the decisions of the investigating magistrate probing him.

He has to sign on every month at court as part of his bail conditions, although a ban on him leaving the country is thought to have been withdrawn several months ago.

Former boxing champ Moore spoke yesterday for the first time about being shot.

"It happened so quick. I thought I was finished and it's the emptiest, most horrible feeling ever."

Moore explained how he thought that the gunman was playing a prank.


"He kept shooting and I could feel my body shaking so I knew I'd been shot again," he said in an interview from his home in Manchester.

"Without sounding too dramatic, it was very harrowing - especially as it was so unexpected.

"If you live your life doing shadowy things, you expect this to happen. You're always looking over your shoulder -whereas this came absolutely out of the blue," he told the Guardian.

Moore said that he knows Kinahan for eight months but never saw any problems with him.

"I've just seen him in the gym working with the lads. He's a great bloke," he said.


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