Friday 18 January 2019

Kinahan cartel hit by 'significant setback' as €70k drugs seized

Cannabis herb
Cannabis herb

Gardai are investigating whether members of the Kinahan cartel are linked to a €70,000 drugs bust in the Crumlin area.

Officers from Sundrive Road Garda Station were involved in the successful search operation on Wednesday morning, when the large haul of cannabis herb was seized.

The raid happened in the Poddle Close area. Officers entered a property there and seized the drugs.

No arrests were made in the operation as its target was not in the property at the time.

The suspect is aged in his 20s and is well-known to gardai for his involvement in crime, particularly drugs.

He is closely associated with a number of other active criminals in the area.

Sources described the bust as "significant" and said it was part of a major intelligence-led operation.

The belief is that these drugs were being controlled by the Kinahan cartel.

"It will be a further blow to their operations," said a senior source.

Since the capital's deadly Hutch-Kinahan gangland feud kicked off, claiming 12 lives, the cartel has lost millions of euro in potential drugs earnings here, either as a result of cash seizures by gardai or in intercepted drugs shipments.

Sources said this week's cannabis bust is not linked to two mobs that have been involved in a separate criminal feud in Crumlin.

The Herald revealed this week that gardai fear the Crumlin feud, which kicked-off over a €500 drug debt, will lead to a murder.

Armed gardai have been forced to intervene on a number of occasions and seize weapons, preventing serious attacks.


In the latest incident relating to the dispute, armed officers seized a lump hammer and two steel poles from a car linked to one of the warring factions in the early hours of Monday.

One man was arrested in the bust, which happened at Cashel Avenue in Crumlin at 3.25am.

Sources said it was the second time in less than a week that a car being driven by the faction was intercepted in the Crumlin area.

A sledgehammer and baseball bats were seized in an earlier raid.

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