Tuesday 23 January 2018

Kinahan cartel criminal has his car firebombed in latest tit-for-tat attack

One of the cars targeted burns in the city
One of the cars targeted burns in the city

The family car of a senior Kinahan cartel figure was firebombed over the weekend as part of a series of tit-for-tat attacks, gardai believe.

The Herald has learned that a car linked to the 36-year-criminal was set alight outside a flats complex in Dublin's north inner city on Friday night. The car that was torched is registered to an innocent woman.

Gardai believe the cartel figure is responsible for organising a campaign of intimidation against extended members of the Hutch family - which includes five attacks on vehicles in just five days.

Investigating detectives are also probing a teenager's links to the attacks against the Hutch family.


Three of the attacks were carried out early last week, which led to the retaliatory strike against the vehicle linked to the Kinahan cartel member.

That attack on Friday then led to another two attacks against innocent Hutch family members the following day.

The cartel member is suspected of involvement in the 2010 murder of Eamon 'The Don' Dunne. He also has close ties to the family of David Byrne (33), who was murdered at Dublin's Regency Hotel in February last year.

Detectives now believe that a teenager carried out the five attacks on behalf of the Kinahan mob to help pay off a drug debt.

The youngster is believed to be from the north inner city area and is suspected of being the "main man" in a series of tit-for-tat exchanges currently being played out.

"Tensions are so high at the moment and the gangland structure is so fluid that the same individual could be responsible for all these attacks, on both sides," a source said last night.

It is believed that the suspected attacker of the five Hutch vehicles has "intimate knowledge" of the location of the family members because he is a former associate of the Hutch family.

"He is young. He knows all their movements," a source said last night.

"It is typical of what the cartel are at: picking out people in their own communities and using them for attacks like this, and worse.

"These are fellas who owe a drugs debt of a couple of thousand euro or less and they are prepared to betray their own community."

It is understood that the thug has been driven around in a silver saloon car for most of the attacks. The Herald previously revealed that five cars connected to the Hutch family had been targeted last week.

One of these incidents was an acid attack on the car belonging to Patsy Hutch's innocent daughter last Tuesday.


Another happened at 1pm at Dunard Avenue on Saturday in the Cabra area, when a black Toyota Avensis car owned by an innocent taxi-man was broken into and set on fire by a young, disguised thug, who arrived in a silver car.

A car belonging to the innocent mother of an on-the-run Hutch gang member was also torched last week in the Buckingham Street area.

Armed gardai are continuing to patrol the streets of the north inner city following the latest escalation in attacks.

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