Tuesday 12 December 2017

Killers cower in drug den

THE KILLERS of teen Melanie McCarthy are hiding out in Dublin, gardai are convinced.

Officers believe the gunmen have found refuge in a city drugs den – and were carrying out intensive searches for them today.

The two killers are linked to crystal meth dealers and may be using one of their supply houses to hide out, gardai believe.

As first reported here, the killers were caught on camera as they dumped their stolen SUV in Citywest shortly after the murder.

“The images are as clear as day. The suspects are easily identifiable,” said a source today.

"At this stage they may as well give themselves up for their own safety as much as anything else. There is no hiding place; it is just a matter of time before we get them," the source added.

Tensions in parts of Tallaght remained on a knife-edge with extra gardai drafted into the area amid fears of reprisals.

Some reports said a contract on the heads of the two killers has been offered by Limerick gangsters.

Today, many searches were taking place in south Dublin as officers closed in on the killers, who are members of a Ballyfermot-based crystal meth gang.

Detectives are absolutely confident of solving the case but admit that it may take a number of days before arrests are made.


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