Tuesday 25 September 2018

Killer Nash stabbed himself in the throat six times with blade


Serial killer Mark Nash is back in prison after his failed suicide bid on Monday.

Nash (42), who is serving life for four savage murders, stabbed himself six times with an improvised blade in the neck.

He was discovered on the floor of his cell on the C1 landing at the Midlands Prison at 3am on Monday.

The notorious criminal was rushed to hospital where he was treated before being discharged at 8pm yesterday.

Nash was then moved to a different location in the Midlands Prison.

It is understood that Nash has been suffering from severe depression and had a row with convicted murderer Warren Dumbrell just hours before he knifed himself on the throat.

The psychotic killer was last month found guilty of the murders of 59-year-old Sylvia Sheils and 61-year-old Mary Callinan in sheltered accommodation in Grangegorman, Dublin, in March 1997.

He was already serving life sentences for the murders of his then-girlfriend's sister and her husband in Co Roscommon.

During the Roscommon murders, Nash attacked his then-girlfriend Sarah Jane Doyle and stabbed her sister, Catherine Doyle, to death. Nash stabbed Catherine 16 times and Carl six times in the heart.


He left the scene, leaving his daughter and five other children in the house.

Sarah Jane Doyle, who Nash hit over the head with a stove handle and pushed down the stairs, survived the ordeal by pretending to be dead.

The serial killer had been moved to the Midlands Prison just days before the suicide bid after the High Court heard on May 6 that he fears his life is under threat from other prisoners in Mountjoy Prison where he had been on 23-hour lock-up.

He attempted to get orders permitting his transfer back to Arbour Hill Prison, where he served 15 years of life sentences for the murder in 1997 of the two people in Ballintober, Co Roscommon.

Nash was allowed out of his cell for seven-and-a-half hours daily in Arbour Hill, but was under 23-hour lock-up in Mountjoy.

In the one hour out, he was jeered by prisoners whose cells overlook the exercise yard.

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