Wednesday 26 June 2019

Killer held for knifing jail officers

TWO prison officers were recovering today from stab wounds after they were allegedly lured into a cell and attacked by a convicted murderer.

Ailbe Lonergan (35) -- who stabbed his brother to death -- was being held in isolation at Limerick Prison after claims he assaulted four officers.

Lonergan set his cell on fire in the D1 wing of Limerick Prison. It is believed he set light to his mattress.

Four officers raced to the cell to investigate where Lonergan was allegedly waiting for them with an improvised weapon.

It is understood he made the knife using broken shards from a TV screen.

Lonergan slashed two officers across their faces and arms, it is claimed. Another was slashed across his upper body but was saved from serious injury by protective clothing.

The prisoner was eventually overpowered by the responding staff and taken to an isolation unit.

Lonergan was jailed for life for stabbing to death his brother Michael in 2006.


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