Friday 26 April 2019

Killed in 40 seconds

CCTV: Second hitman fired three shots as Don lay dying

THE SECOND hitman pumped three shots into ganglord Eamon Dunne as he lay on the ground, it’s been revealed.

The whole hit took just 40 seconds to unfold.

CCTV footage shows the first killer firing one shot to Eamon Dunne’s head and two to his chest.

Then, as the Don lies dying on the floor of the pub, the second gunman delivers the coup de grace.

He pumps one shot to Dunne’s head and two more to his heart.

The second killer then fires a warning shot into the air as he flees.

At one stage the cowardly Don grabs out at a young man in the pub trying to use him as a shield from the bullets.

The killers are in and out of the pub in less than 40 seconds.

The crowd of people around Dunne in the Faussagh House flee immediately.

But within minutes some return to collect their coats and bags before exiting promptly.

Meanwhile, four main players have emerged in what gardai fear could become a bloody turf war to take over the Don’s empire.

Detectives are convinced that gang lord Eamon Dunne's armed bodyguards abandoned him the night he was murdered. Officers believe that he had armed protection but the gang members did not intervene. It makes it more likely that his associates were in on the hit.

Dunne himself had recently bought a €1,200 watch and had no idea of the conspiracy.

When the killers rolled up outside the Faussagh House pub in Cabra, three of the four-man team piled out.

The third killer waved his gun around and warned smokers outside the pub to disperse. He then guarded the front door.


As his two accomplices carried out the killing inside, he became increasingly jittery and could be seen jumping up and down as the shots rung out inside.

Gardai suspect the two killers may have had military training and could have been hired-in foreign assassins.

Suspicion is still falling on associates of murdered gang members John Paul Joyce and Paul 'Farmer' Martin.

Meanwhile, four main players have emerged in what could become a bloody turf war as The Don's criminal cronies fight it out for the biggest slice of the slain gang leader's empire. In the aftermath of his death, Eamon Dunne's Ballymun-based right-hand man is poised to assume control of his drugs empire.

However, detectives say that there are at least four others vying for the biggest crime job in Dublin city. The most obvious candidate is The Don's most loyal servant.

This man, who is in his early 40s, is well known to gardai, though he has virtually no criminal record. In the late 1990s, one of his relatives was killed during a feud in north Dublin.

Another man eyeing up The Don's throne is one of his former heavies, a man in his late 30s who is originally from Ballyfermot but now living in north county Dublin.

He, too, is well known to gardai and has a number of previous convictions. He is currently serving a suspended sentence after a vicious crime in 2005. Garda sources say this man is a dangerous thug and, of those seeking to take over Dunne's drugs empire, he is most like his slain boss -- violent and unpredictable.

This man has acted as Dunne's 'enforcer' for a number of years. He strikes fear into the hearts of many ordinary criminals, and has been known to use extreme violence to collect Dunne's drug debts.

The third man is older, in his early 50s, and lives in a palatial house in north Dublin, even though he is unemployed.


Garda sources say he has a number of previous convictions, but they are all minor in nature and date back nearly 30 years when he was a troubled youth.

This older criminal has recently been one of the main movers and shakers behind the scenes in Dunne's gang, but he protects his privacy and stays out of the limelight.

Detectives have been keeping an eye on this man, but he is clever and cunning, and uses others to do his dirty work. He is not known to be particularly violent.

Garda sources also say that a well-known Dublin crime family may also be eying up Dunne's empire. The family has worked with Dunne in the past, but also has its own business interests and is believed to be involved in armed robberies, ATM robberies and the distribution of drugs.

Garda sources also say this family, which is led by a man in his late 30s, is originally from Finglas and is "feared" within its local community.

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