Wednesday 23 January 2019

Kenny's IRA challenge to Shinners

ENDA Kenny has called on all political leaders to declare if they have ever had any links with the IRA.

The Fine Gael leader wants an end to the row over Gerry Adams' alleged membership of the terrorist organisation by getting everybody to be open about their past.

Mr Kenny's director of elections, Phil Hogan, told the Herald: "He has challenged Gerry Adams and all the parties to say if they were ever members of the IRA.

"Gerry Adams has tried to distance himself from a lot of atrocious acts that he has been involved with politically and otherwise over the past 35 years."

Mr Kenny made the statement during an unscripted speech in Limerick following persistent questions about Mr Adams' denials that he was ever a member of the IRA.

Earlier this week, the Sinn Fein president appeared to try to link Labour's Eamon Gilmore with the organisation, but this has been described as "laughable" by Mr Gilmore's representatives.

Today Mr Hogan appealed to voters in Mr Adams' Louth constituency to "think long and hard" before handing over their ballot paper.

"We do not accept that he can wash his hands of political decisions he made that caused enormous grief to many families," he said.


In particular, the TD referred to how Mr Adams lobbied for the killers of Garda Jerry McCabe to be released.

"I would ask the people of Louth to think long and hard about the economic terrorism caused by people such as Mr Adams in the past."

Mr Adams says there is a smear campaign against him.

"It didn't take me to bring up all of this echo of what happened in the past because Fianna Fail brought it up and the Labour Party brought it up instead of dealing with the real issues," he said.

But Fine Gael wants more clarity on the Adams issue.

"By electing Adams, it would send a signal that people are prepared to condone what has happened," said Mr Hogan.


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