Thursday 23 November 2017

Kenny rings NY radio show -- and gets cut off

TAOISEACH Enda Kenny had the phone put down on him by a New York radio show producer who thought he was an imposter.

Mr Kenny had called the show to wish the Irish-American community in the Big Apple a Happy New Year but was met with a sceptical response.

When the Fine Gael leader contacted the Adrian Flannelly show, executive producer Aine Sheridan politely declined to put him through to the presenter.

She believed a prank was being played and said goodbye to Mr Kenny before putting the phone down.

But Mr Kenny called back and was vetted extensively again by Ms Sheridan who requested his private mobile phone number.

To her surprise, Mr Kenny asked after her relatives in Longford.

She then called the Taoiseach back and eventually put him through to Mr Flannelly, who like Mr Kenny hails from Co Mayo. Ms Sheridan had warned the Taoiseach: "This better not be a prank because Adrian will fire me."

Mr Flannelly said he assumed it was someone "pulling a fast one" when his producer told him about the call and said to forget about it. However, he ended up having a long chat with his fellow Mayo native.


The two have met several times when Mr Kenny has visited New York so the Taoiseach decided to phone the show directly.

During the conversation, which was broadcast live, Mr Kenny expressed his desire for a better year for Ireland and Irish-Americans in 2012.

Mr Flannelly's programme has been on the air since 1970 and is the premier Irish radio programme in the United States.


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