Friday 24 November 2017

Kenny called a backstabber by irate councillor

A COUNCILLOR who got into a screaming match with the brother of Taoiseach Enda Kenny hit out at the country's leader as 'devious' and a 'backstabber'.

Independent Mayo councillor Frank Durcan became embroiled in a heated row with Cllr Henry Kenny, a brother of the Taoiseach, during a meeting of the Castlebar electoral area committee.

During the row, Cllr Durcan, who was once a member of Fine Gael, launched a broadside at the Fine Gael leader and insisted that he had not left the Fine Gael party, rather the Kenny party.

"I never left the Fine Gael party. I left the Kenny party," said Cllr Durcan, who went on to describe the Taoiseach as 'devious' and a 'backstabber'.

"Your brother has proved himself of everything that I accused him off," added Cllr Durcan during the meeting last week.

Cllr Henry Kenny accused Cllr Durcan of bringing up a "personal vendetta". Today, the Independent councillor stood by his remarks but insisted the debate would not have become so heated had Cllr Kenny not brought up his past links to Fine Gael.

"I said it all at the meeting and I stand by it.

"There are two parties in this county and there has been for some time, the Fine Gael party and the Kenny party. It was the Kenny party I wanted no part in," said Cllr Durcan.

"I've known Enda Kenny a long time and I stand by everything I said," he added.

The heated row began after Cllr Henry Kenny mentioned Cllr Durcan's departure from the Fine Gael party during a debate about a damaged bridge in Turlough.

After a general comment from Cllr Durcan criticising Government, Cllr Kenny reminded Cllr Durcan that he had once been a member of the Fine Gael party himself.

Cllr Durcan left the party, however, and relations between him and Enda Kenny have been strained ever since.


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