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Kennedy letters auction put off

Private letters from Jacqueline Kennedy to an Irish priest have been withdrawn from an auction after objections from her late husband’s family. The correspondence revealed her anguish at the assassination of her husband, John F Kennedy, the US president. The letters had been expected to sell next month for around €3m.

No formal reason has been given for the sale being cancelled, but it comes after a dispute around ownership and questions over whether it was right to sell the private letters of a woman who lived her life in public but put an enormous value on privacy.

It is a minor miscalculation that will cost the French taxpayer a fortune.

France’s national rail operator SNCF - which runs its prestigious TGV fast trains - has sparked hilarity, anger and ridicule after building a new generation of regional trains that are too wide for 1,300 stations, meaning platforms will have to be “shaved” to stop them getting stuck.

The blunder is already reported to have cost the state-controlled SNCF and RFF, which is in charge of all French tracks, some €50m.

Bulls 3 
Matadors 0

The goring of three matadors has caused a Madrid bullfight to be suspended for the first time in 35 years.

The first fighter David Mora (33) was tossed on the horns of a bull weighing just over half a ton and received a foot-long gash to his thigh. The next two matadors were gored by the same bull, limping from the stadium. The fight was then cancelled. Following two hours of surgery Mr Mora was said to be in a stable condition.

Stones financial advisor dies

The Bavarian aristocrat whose financial wizardry helped to turn the Rolling Stones into multimillionaires has died aged 80.

Prince Rupert zu Loewenstein, the head of a small London merchant bank, helped Mick Jagger alone amass a fortune estimated at €246m.

He famously advised them to move to France in the 1970s, making them Britain’s first musical tax exiles.