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Keep your emails short, city bosses tell councillors

OVERBURDENED city officials have told councillors to stop sending emails with attachments as it creates extra work.

All 52 elected representatives of Dublin City Council have been asked to stop sending in questions accompanied by a glut of additional information.

The officials say it is not their job to "decipher" the documents and then extract the relevant data.

But councillors say they are simply trying to provide as much details as possible so their questions can be answered properly.

Every month, the politicians submit dozens of queries on behalf of constituents.

However, in an internal memo seen by the Herald, officials drew attention to the fact that some councillors submit lengthy extra documentation.

"Sometimes these letters or emails are several pages long," the memo stated.

"This method of submitting a question creates quite a lot of extra work/ time in reading/ deciphering the attachment and then extracting a question from it," the council said.

"This is not the role of the staff of the secretariat here or indeed in the area offices," it told the elected members.