Sunday 23 September 2018

'Keep me in dance show and see me lose weight', says Katherine

Katherine Lynch performing with partner Kai Widdrington
Katherine Lynch performing with partner Kai Widdrington

While most viewers will probably be tuning in for the dancing, Katherine Lynch reckons people should watch Dancing With The Stars to see her shed the pounds.

The comedian joined the programme hot on the heels of her stint on ­Celebrity Operation ­Transformation where she lost 13lb.

The Leitrim woman has since shed even more weight and is keeping to a strict diet to ensure she stays in tip-top shape.

"I have kept it up. It's black coffee and duck salads while I'm at it. It's a lot of avoiding carbs and eating lots of protein," she said. "I don't know how much I've lost since I joined. I'd say probably about two stone.


"I just need to get out and do a bit of walking now. Keep me in, I'll be the one that you'll see lose weight."

Despite it not being the goal of the show, Katherine has found Dancing With The Stars just as effective for weight loss as Operation Transformation.

"For weight loss, yeah definitely. It should be Dancing With The Mars Bars. It's really enjoyable. You don't feel the exercise as much as you would in the gym," she told the Herald.

Katherine hopes people who watched Operation Transformation are picking up the phone and keeping her in the competition.

"I hope the Operation Transformation people are voting for me. I hope it's inspirational in a way, that you can do the things you want in life and maintain a healthy weight," she added.


"I'm not into people losing weight for the sake of it. I'm into people losing it for health reasons and having a healthy attitude towards yourself and life."

While she hopes to stay in the show as long as possible, Katherine will not be too upset if she does not win. "I'm in it to stay in it and if winning it is part of that then that's great," she said.

The former Wagon's Den host reckons Dayl Cronin and Denise McCormack are the stand-out celebrity dancers.

"Dayl and Denise are fantastic. Everyone's taking it seriously," Katherine said.

"I see them every day so it's really hard to say goodbye to one another. It could be anyone.

"I'm having the time of my life. It's the best gig ever."

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