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Kebab run 'unnecessary' as driver held


Driver had travelled 10km

Driver had travelled 10km


Driver had travelled 10km

A driver who craved a kebab was stopped and arrested by gardai after making an unnecessary 10km journey.

The driver was stopped by officers in Co Donegal.

He explained that he had collected some friends and they were planning to go for a kebab in Letterkenny.

Gardai became suspicious and carried out a more thorough examination of the car.

It transpired that the driver had no insurance.


They also decided to test the driver and he was positive for the presence of cannabis.

A garda spokesman said the driver will now appear at a future sitting of the local court.

He added that hunger for a kebab was not a good enough excuse for an unnecessary journey during virus restrictions.

"A court date will now follow and the journey concluded with no car and no kebabs," the spokesperson said.

"Our checkpoints and patrols have not stopped. They are ongoing and they will continue. Do not drive under the influence of drugs and do not make non-essential journeys."